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I've already said that those things can be improved and people CAN do their part but without policy changes (like banning single use plastic or carbon taxes) then average people or corporations aren't going to be incentivized to do it. You need major policy changes alongside personal improvement. You're trying to make excuses for your own laziness and somehow think that the 535 people in federal Congress are the ones that are doing all of the polluting or aren't doing things too (without actually backing up those claims in any way). Since Trump has done tax fraud does that mean you should do it too? You do what is best for society and the future, not use moronic and childish "logic" of.. well they aren't doing it so why should I? Again, if you aren't voting Democrat, aren't actually doing the work of holding those same politicians accountable with protesting, and aren't spreading awareness of what is happening rather than "fine with me" BS attitude then you really need to stfu for real because you're part of the larger problem of pretending there isn't an issue and not doing anything yourself to help fix it


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Again, educate yourself. Major structural changes with carbon taxes, incentives and expanding green energy, and making it easier to switch to green energy with policy is 1000x more impactful than stuff like never using plastic. Stop making excuses for your own actions and laziness. "Hrr drr I'm not going to improve anything myself unless everyone else does"


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No. This isn't a "both sides" thing. Only one political party actually pushes to pass policy to improve the environment, tax the rich, and push for carbon taxes while the other side tries to prevent it. Maybe you should try to do your part like the scientists. Rather than pretend this isn't an issue.


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Oh are you protesting for climate change so much you're getting arrested for it? Writing to your congressmen? Suggesting policy changes? On top of all of those changes? Only voting Democrat since they're the only ones pushing for policy changes? If not then stfu


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Educate yourself. This is a problem that needs major policy change to reverse action. It's not as simple as not using single use products. The average person can do things to help as much as they can, but it's not enough without major structural changes. Saying "fine by me" and then downplaying the issue as just "weather patterns" is just pure ignorance


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Since you said you previously have learned about systemic racism you should also look into how suburbs were created, why people fled the city in the past, and why people go against public transportation. I'll give you a hint: it's also racism. Hope you can also educate yourself with that as well, my dude


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NIMBYs, which the areas is full of, wouldn't want either. They think pubic transportation will bring crime or "those people" to the area. It's also a tell when they say they are celebrating not having anything there rather than saying.. you know what, it's too big and only luxury, if you do 80 apartments with 30-40 affordable then sure let's do it. But no. They want nothing except an empty crappy building so they don't have to worry about their precious parking.

"I have to tell you, I’m really mad about this,” she told The Banner. “Hampden is oversaturated with development. People are trying to add as many units as possible in a tiny area. Why are developers only looking to develop in white neighborhoods? Why aren’t developers looking to develop in our Black neighborhoods?"

She says the same garbage when she was interviewed back in December..

It's not oversaturated. People want to live here and we should provide housing for them. They should be building housing everywhere in all areas.


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They didn't say this was affordable housing. They're implying that less housing available in a desirable place to live will cause housing prices to rise overall in the area. But with NIMBYs in the area it wouldn't matter what you built. "Luxury" apartments? They need to be affordable. Let's build affordable apartments? No those should go in poor areas first.


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Exactly. I feel like if more public transportation was actually offered in the area then it would also be shot down

When I emailed Odette about this she replied "I just wish these developers would come to my Black communities to build". It's like.. it's not mutually exclusive. You can build in both areas and both SHOULD be built


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Yeah, I was quite disappointed they didn't build it. I think the "issues" people were bringing up weren't really big problems. You covered parking well. Plus with the chimney thing... maybe I'm ignorant on the subject but just can't you require the new building to have a similar chimney for the birds to migrate and nest in? Also, people get caught up in the term "luxury" but it's a term you can use for anything and isn't regulated. It's like using the word natural in foods.