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Makes sense on the liquor license. Imagine if all of SouthSide just took the party to the casino at 2AM.

Interesting about F&B.

Thank you for the insight.


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Last call 1:30 (Rivers choice, not mandated before 2AM). All drinks off floor by 2AM or 2:15AM(I don't remember). Security starts walking around telling you to finish it or toss it. I believe they start back up at 7AM.

The casino can buy a license to serve 24/7. I don't believe any casino in the state has done so. Reference: https://www.abc27.com/news/the-states-casinos-snub-new-law-allowing-24-7-alcohol-sales/


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I've been there a lot of late nights. A lot of young people just drinking(until 1:30) and gambling a little. Especially Thursday,Friday, Saturday. I would argue that the addicts are more the daytime folks. Edit: Grammar


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If I were the casino, and wanted some late night foot traffic (read potential gamblers), I would make some of the eateries in there 24/7. I mean the casino is open 24/7 anyway.


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My parents live in the Philadelphia area and are hard pressed to find anything that is open past midnight when they go out with friends. They have reverted to eating before the movie/show/etc. It is not just Pittsburgh.


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Safe to you get on the bus. 20 years ago I took a Greyhound home from college. Two folks behind me were having sex in the seats behind me. I'll give you the blowjob, but when the full out sex started, that was enough. If I didn't think the guy could kick my ass, I would have said something. The sounds, smells, still stick with me to this day. Never rode Greyhound again.


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I'm on a Keto diet. It is very hard to eat out. I tend to just stick to Longhorn(steak and wings) and Red Robin (lettuce wrapped burger). If I can't look up the carbs on your website, I'm not eating there. Max and Erma's does have a gluten sensitive menu, but if I can't see the carbs, I'm not going to risk throwing myself out of ketosis.