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Checkout Quin 35, it's near Whole foods, Trader Joe's and multiple other name brand stores. It's not so far away from restaurants on Shrewsbury Street and Plantation street.


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Checkout CarMax and Certified Pre-owned (CPO) sites of brand of your choice. I would suggest you to look for brands such as Honda, Toyota or a Subaru. Subarus are known for their bullet proof AWD and reliability.


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Tried them all. Priya's in Lowell and Chicopee serve insipid food. Honest is ok for snacks. Biryaniz and Breadz in Lowell is ok for north and south Indian.

Ritu ki rasoi is a hole in a wall that serves good parathas.


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Rent a FLIR camera from Home Depot, and from outside your house check the temperature of windows and doors. If there are red spots around them, it means you are loosing heat.


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Many of my friends who work for UMASS live in Madison Place in Shrewsbury. It's a nice place to live, and I have heard great things about their management and maintenance team. Check it out.