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If you are going for the first time do it!! Also the graveyard 🪦 is cute. Do not think this is an all day affair! Two hours tops!! There are plenty of things to do in this area!!


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I’m not sure if they are having any specials, but Lucky Rose Tattoo in Middlebury is AMAZING!!! My entire family goes there and in October we had a family party there and seven of us got new tats. Rob and Mike are great!!


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Came here to say this! When I lived in OH my parents would always bring me Hummel’s with New England split top hotdog ROLLS. We call them ROLLS here in New England!! If you can buy some lobsters there, steam them up, and slap them on the rolls with butter!


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It’s in Middlebury, but Rob and Mike from Lucky Rose Tattoo are great!!! 203-598-1759 and they have good hours Friday and Saturday 12 to 10, M & W 12-8 T & R 12 to 5 closed Sunday. Really super clean place!!!