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Absolutely! I refused to wear dresses or skirts until I was at university just out of principal, and bought most of my clothes at men's stores.. but while I still wouldn't really say I have a feminine aesthetic I do enjoy it occasionally


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It's actually very hard to find women's clothes with pockets, even the pockets in jeans are too small to be at all useful

Why do you think we celebrate so hard when someone comments on a nice dress "IT HAS POCKETS"

Pretty sure it's so we have to buy expensive handbags

If you can find a bunch of women's clothes with pockets please do share because I can guarantee we will all be buying them!


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I love to cook for people whatever they want on their birthday, and used to live with a couple of Italian guys.. one requested arancini, which I had never made before.. I made them to everyones (apparent) liking but they definitely didn't look as wonderful as these!