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>So a butcher, doing butchery, stops doing butchery the second the animal has no more useable meat?

The moment it's processed, yes, the butchering is completed.

>Do they have to hand the meat over to the meat cutter after that so they can do the meat cutting to get the different cuts, I guess?

No, you see because that is a synonymy of butchery. The process is still incomplete if the meat isn't cut. Cutting meat is butchering it. So the process is only finished once all the meat has been cut. The one, singular, only process happening is finished once the processing of the carcass is done. There can't be two processes happening, unless perhaps there are two butchers fighting to process the same meat. One butcher butchers a carcass, and all the butchering of that carcass is one instance of butchery, in much the same way 9 innings are not 9 consecutive instances of different games of baseball.

>Because a butcher doing butchery definitely wouldn’t be the one to do that. That’s not butchery as we’ve established.

Nobody said this but you. I'd almost think you don't know what butchering even is, except we couldn't have made it this far if that were the case.


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It's literally butchered identically. I'm not sure how anyone could phrase "All butchers will remove the back loin and the belly the same way" in a way that is more understandable to you, but god damn it I can try.

The process of butchering the pig is literally exactly the same. If I buy a ribeye and you buy a flank steak, both of which came from the same cow, that one cow could not have been butchered in two different ways. If I roast a chicken, and you have some thigh while I have the breast, the chicken was not prepared differently between those two cuts, it's still a roast chicken. Back bacon and belly bacon are two different parts of the same pig. The butcher does not cut the back loin to make back bacon, and then throw the rest of the pig away. He goes through a literally identical process when breaking down the carcass, with two parts of meat then going through a literally identical process to cure them. Butchery is the process of breaking down the carcass, the fact that you get different qualities of meat from different parts of the carcass don't make for a different process.