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Execs are probably banking on them hoping for any experience they can right out of school. But the grads will quickly learn to hate it when they have to report to the office just to sit on conference calls most of the day with their teammates in NY, NJ, and/or India. I used to work there a few years ago and still know some people there and supposedly their management can track badge swipes to see if you really report into the office if your manager isn't located in the local office. When I worked there, my manager was in NJ and only three of us on the team were located in Pittsburgh so we didn't show up in the office too much. I was in IT so different departments likely have different rules.


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Not much. They brought back some trips and variations cut. But not wholesale restorations. This was done pre-COVID, but they were hampered by a lack of buses to restore service and out of room at their existing active garages to acquire more buses. Then, they pretty much used every bus they had available during peak periods. Of course since then ridership levels have tanked.