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Thanks- this has always been a bit confusing to me. I'm not exactly sure why there needs to be a law to stop for people in a crosswalk. If you don't stop when someone is already in the crosswalk, wouldn't you kill them? Which is already against the law. So then that leads me to assume that this law means to stop for people who are about to enter the crosswalk.

Before I get downvoted, I'm just trying to understand the purpose of the law.


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I'd imagine you could just walk into any of the big box jewelry stores (Kay, Zales, etc) and they'd probably be happy to size you. There are also some ring sizers online that you can print out, but just make sure your printer settings are correct!


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If you've never been, I'd say it's worth going once. It's beautiful but yes the traffic is insane. Recommend taking the metro in vs trying to park. Last weekend was peak, so maybe the crowd will lighten up a bit.


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Kind of a boring day at work, but did a bit of planning for a trip to Philly at the end of next month. I've lived in VA my whole life and have traveled so much along the east coast - just never Philadelphia for whatever reason. Seems like a cool place with lots of good food.


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Same here. I went from getting clawed in the face every morning by a large, hungry cat to now watching him sit patiently by his feeder about an hour before it's supposed to go off. Life changing. Now both cats have the same feeder and they just go to their spots.


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Ok only because you mentioned LPH, if you're up for driving another time, the Northside Benedict at The Mill in Bellevue is one of my faves in the city. It's exactly like an eggs Benedict that they used to have at LPH before their ownership changed. On a biscuit with cheese, it's so good haha. Add their honey habanero hot sauce too!


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Pot and Fallout4 for us. Then going to eat pizza in honor of our pizza-fiend of a cat who we said goodbye to yesterday. So glad that she didn't like pineapples on her pizza, ugh.


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Unrelated, but has anyone had any success with getting their money back on a stolen package delivered via USPS? It was a couple of ceramic pieces, maybe $80 in value. More sentimental value than anything. I think it was insured by the seller so I'll reach out to them, but wasn't sure if this is just wasted effort?


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For real! I also live on a main road w/ a 35 MPH speed limit. Even slowing down ever so slightly just to pull off into my street parking spot gets me honked at and folks speed off. What am I supposed to do? I give plenty of warning, but I guess I'm such a nuisance apparently for not going 60 MPH and stopping on a dime.


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Also - does anyone have a recommendation for a decent (maybe 5-6ft) fake tree? Under $200 if that's realistic? I haven't had a tree since I was a child and I don't know what good brands etc are and I trust you real people over Amazon reviews.


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Ah, the time of year where all work just gets pushed to the next year.

Our Christmas decor is putting up a single felted snowman and one pink garland. Seems like a lot of work - might just skip this year lol.


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Originally planned to travel to my parents' this afternoon for Thanksgiving, but my wife and I found that one of our cats has cancer. She isn't eating much, so we don't want to be away from her for long - we might just make it a brief trip tomorrow. It'll be a somber holiday season for us this year.

According to the Native-Land.ca site, I live on land belonging to the Powhatan and Youghtanund peoples. I'll need to learn more about the Youghtanund tribe - thank you for that.


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We typically just drink wine and play games until dessert time. We're pretty chill. I'm excited though to introduce my mom to the game Codenames - my wife and I recently discovered it, and seems like an easy enough game to play with the fam.


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I'm sorry. That's terrible and life does indeed suck sometimes. But with that said, I'm proud of you for having the courage and emotional boundaries to separate yourself from this person if their presence is not good for your mental health. Hopefully they understand if you were to communicate to them why you can't be around them for a while, and perhaps if/when the dust has settled, you can reconvene your friendship.