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w while back Some dude like halfway t boned me on boulevard doing some crazy ass maneuver. He cut in front of me trying to make a left turn from the right lane and hit me and ran. I chased him for a minute then pulled over and called 911. I waited for like an hour and a half before I just went home. So I called them in the morning again, cause I needed an accident report and the cop that came fussed at me for not waiting. Annoyed the shit outta me. Especially since I really don't think any cop even ever showed up.


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" or if this is an astroturfing campaign for either: 1. getting people talking about the album to drive sales"

you really think pink floyd is fucking astroturfing for a 50 year old rerelease? being a bit cynical is healthy, but cmon.

in the past year or so conservatives have gone after m&ms, dr. seuess, and scooby doo....not sure why this is hard to believe.