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> 475mg of Alprazolam

Holy shit dude I once ate 8mg of alprazolam and was asleep for two straight days. That's kind of amazing. Doubly so that you didn't have any withdrawal symptoms. Benzos are weird, you can't die of an overdose but withdrawal can kill you instead.


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I didn't end up having to go but when I went I was going with a three pronged argument of I can't be unbiased against cops in a trial, I know about jury nullification and eyewitness testimony is actually really unreliable as my reasoning to say that I would vote to acquit regardless of the law or the evidence.


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This. You don't bribe regulators, that's dirty and more importantly, people understand that it's dirty. What you do is "donate" to politicians in such a way that they understand that your donation is contingent upon them loosening regulations and hamstringing the regulators. It still has the same effect, your business doesn't have to pay pesky safety costs or lawsuits after you kill a bunch of people, but this way it's all above board legally speaking and you at least have the veneer of being able to tell people that the system is working.


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> too much to expect anyone will have charges filed

some schlub somewhere might take the fall if they can prove that he made some technical mistake somewhere but yeah, the people who collect 100% of the money when the trains run correctly will see 0% of the responsibility when the trains poison a town.


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>"R.M. Palmer has been a presence in the community for decades now," West Reading Borough Council Vice President Phil Wert said Saturday, donating candy to Easter egg hunts and giving back to the community. He said it's the first responders' and elected officials' responsibility "to give back to them because they've given to us."

I gotta say that making sure that first responders understand their responsibility to the factory owners is a Fucking. Bold. Take. Doubly so if it's true as-reported that employees told supervisors that they smelled gas and were told to get back to work about it.


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Fun fact about the Reid technique: it came into prominence after Reid used it to get Darrel Parker to confess to his wife's murder. That confession was later determined to be false and Parker was paid $500,000 by the state of Nebraska for wrongful conviction.

Which is to say that the cops always knew it was bullshit that's just as likely to get a false confession as a real one, but their job is to arrest people for crimes regardless of whether those people are actually guilty.


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Our local uni owns a network of hospitals and an assload of property and every time they go to our local or state government to ask them for more of my money someone on their executive board who makes 8 figures/year reminds us that they're a non-profit, that all they want to do is serve the community and that actually we're very fortunate and grateful that they're here at all.


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>Why we want to see it

It's kinda important to confront what they do in real, concrete terms. I'm going to watch it and I'm going to share it because that will prevent complacency. We all agree that this is a problem, but people are also perfectly capable of going "Yeah, that's awful. Well, anyway..." and they need to be confronted with what they fail to oppose directly. So yeah, I am kinda looking to be outraged and I'm looking for other people to be outraged as well, but to make this equivalent to the outrage bait of Obama's tan suit, for example, is to say that people shouldn't be outraged when the police murder people. They should. It's not just reasonable, it's a moral obligation to not let the firehose effect convince you to just knowingly ignore this shit.


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I said the real feel is -21 because the real feel is -21f, not the thermometer temp. Bbbbbuuuuutttttt it's -3f thermometer temp in Penn Hills according to the weather channel and it's the middle of the afternoon so we're gonna give away a few degrees before we get any new ones. Let's see where it bottoms out.