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I would call Max and Erma’s a typical middle class boomer restaurant. And yes, those are closing because there are less and less boomers every day. No restaurant wants to go after a demographic which is shrinking, and at best, will be gone in 15 years or whatever. They want to go after a 30 year old and hook that customer for the next 40 years.


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I don’t know this specific company but those vendors aren’t usually a scam, per se. They represent a legitimate electric company who will legitimately provide electric to you if you sign up.

They also often use deceptive and high pressure sales tactics like you described. I personally doubt that they could ever be the most optimal choice for who you buy electricity from, because door to door sales people are very expensive and the cost of those sales people is baked into the cost of electricity, if you bought from them.

I always just cut them off and say “no thanks”, or better yet, don’t randomly answer the door.


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> like she’s asking to be hit or something.

Did you hit her? Or did you do a quick mental calculation and determine that slowing down for two seconds is a tiny inconvenience, and that hitting her is a giant inconvenience, and then you just slowed down and didn’t hit her?

Because if you slowed down and didn’t hit her, then maybe she’s not asking to be hit. Maybe she knows about the mental calculation and she’s using it to her advantage to cross the street faster.


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Years ago I was gathering signatures for a petition drive and I personally got over 100 people to sign just from approaching people at bus stops. It was probably one of the most productive places to find people. Two suggestions:

  1. When you approach someone, make sure to state right off the bat that your work seeks to improve transit for riders (if indeed that’s true). People who depend on transit have an incentive to go along with the interview if your work will indirectly help the riders that you interview.
  2. Downtown has the highest concentration of bus stops and bus riders, so do it there. Don’t camp out at only one stop either, circulate.

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> imagine if the table was turned and a proprietor asked you who you voted for

Where in OP’s post did they ask the proprietor anything at all?

They didn’t. The proprietor hung a sign in their window specifically so that the outside world could associate the proprietor’s business with the candidate. And in this case it worked as the proprietor intended.

Excellent straw man argument tho.


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The fact that these jobs are part time is insane to me. The county has 1.2 million constituents and council has 13 district reps, which is roughly 92k constituents/district for a part time job. And a quick check of the PA-18 state house district (Innamorato’s) shows 66k constituents for that district, which is a full time job. Then each at-large member of county council represents the full population of 1.2 million constituents, which is one of the largest local legislative seats in the entire US.