sandy_80 t1_jegtscm wrote

run by snow patrol

wires by athlete

beautiful life by black

one headlight by the wallflowers

zombi by the cranberries

dont speak by no doubt

high hopes by pink fluid

its all subjective ..we all see depression in different ways


sandy_80 t1_jdnpqog wrote

walking in memphis

Saw the ghost of Elvis

On Union Avenue

Followed him up to the gates of Graceland

Then I watched him walk right through




if madonna calls ..i am not here

this track bugged madonna btw



do hiphop tracks count...cause they drop names like they want

eminem songs you will find lots of name calling of pop singers

jack harlow has a song called dua lipa ..cause thats all the lyrics he can write


sandy_80 t1_jdc7iqq wrote

i rate a good portion = 1 stars...its books i hated or couldn't get into

some might be even considered great but i just couldn't get into them

5 is exclusive for absolute fav books or masterpieces or just very well written or very enjoyable

i am not usually generous with scores .. cause I am more like an amature critic 3 stars is my most given i think

however I do find a problem in deciding many i don't