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I think more conspiracy-minded right-wingers than we would like to believe are experiencing active psychosis of some variety, be it dementia or otherwise. If you read this post closely, a lot of the sentences are very disjointed and points come out of nowhere in a way that acts like they were already introduced and are just facts and that's true for a lot of them.


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The Heartbeat bill is a big one. "On day one, Mastriano will place an immediate ban on Critical Race and Gender Theory Studies in Pennsylvania schools." This is also pretty fucking wild; he is bringing up nonexistant issues to stoke fear and hatred in his base. Unless he wants to instate bans on college courses, which is also nuts.

"On day one, Mastriano will place an immediate ban on biological males in girls' locker rooms and restrooms. On the same day, Mastriano will ban biological males from competing in girls' sports." Indicates to me he wants it to be as challenging as possible for me to piss in a public place, which I moved to Pennsylvania to get away from, so the only remaining reason to stay would be med marijuana. Other places have rec.