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As someone that has a 1.5hr commute each way to midtown on NJ Transit Train, move to NJ or don't accept the job. It's already grueling enough with time wasted not to mention the cost of commuting (around ~$30 each day... yours would be significantly higher).


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Dunno what vibe you're going for, but a nice walk in Johnson Park or Donaldson Park in Highland Park pre-dinner and then drive over to Destination Dogs in New Brunswick. I always like a good icebreaker in a first/second date by a little 'messy' eating (just don't eat like a slob!). There's always Ramen Nagomi if you like a good ramen. In New Brunswick, you'll have a nice selection of post-dinner drinks if it should strike you.


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Always harness over leash. A good harness they will not be able to wiggle out of as it goes behind the legs. If anything, a collar would slip off much easier. Especially in the future if you want to take the dog in the car, you'll need a harness and a safety tether that goes from the seat to the harness hookup point. A collar will break their neck if you get into an accident.

Dog parks are fine, and it's good for dog socialization. Just remove them if others get too rowdy.


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Look up MedicZero, Inc. It's a nonprofit run by Rutgers students/alumni who are EMTs, they teach bystander CPR classes which teach CPR and stroke awareness. You don't get a certification, but you learn what signs to look for, how to perform CPR/use an AED, how to direct other bystanders to help & call 911 while you perform CPR. My local library/OEM department organized the class and about 50 of us residents showed up. It was a real eye opening experience and I feel confident about performing CPR should someone need it. (The Good Samaritan law protects bystanders performing CPR who aren't certified).

If you're on Instagram, you can find them at @mediczeroinc or @mediczerorutgers

Highly recommend contacting them to find a class or set up a class for your town!