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Wow, this means 1 in 4 offices is now vacant. Crazy to think they went from 9% to 22% vacant in a few months

>The real estate firm CBRE estimated early last year that remote work would shrink the amount of needed office space by 9% — then increased that figure to 15% at the end of last year. Reflecting that reduced demand, the vacancy rate for Manhattan’s 415 million square feet of office space at the end of last year soared to a record 22.2%, according to Cushman & Wakefield.


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Reply to comment by css555 in Awful design flaw at EWR by css555

Probably would be a waste of money and a long delay of opening the terminal to temporarily extend it when they are planning on replacing the entire system


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Yeah that's fine. I know ppl that live on way less. Look for a place that's less than $1600 a month and you'll be under 40x your income for rent