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Wow, yeah, that does seem to solve the "old money" conundrum without bloodshed, if you expand the definition of land into all sufficently old property and charge a property tax on even, say, automation systems. A productivity tax? Sounds bizarre, but, also the opposite of a regressive tax.

/s, If only there were a way to itemize taxes,

Production taxes could go toward developing small buisness, little guys and gals getting out of h.s., for example

I had a similar thought that nobody cared for: as companies "write off" old equipment, they could choose to donate it for an additional write off & it gets lottoried to the public. Hopefully, this could encourage competitors to emerge from their backyard, or something. "Honey, i won a silicon furnace!"


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This subject is super interesting and concerns our entire social structure.

Instead of land, as important as it is, my thoughts consider water. You can draw an example: someone built a fence around the last freshwater lake and river and defends it with force. You and your family are dying of thirst. What do you do? Sit outside of the fence, allowing you and your family to die of thirst, out of respect for ownership?

Pretty fucked up, but, extrapolate that scene outwards to every resource.

Whatever I happen to own, I feel like i worked hard to own it, I even feel like I earned more than I own (why am i paid so little?). I can only assume people with excessive lives, that can afford to go on vacations and retire, also feel like they deserve that...

So we're at this bizarre impass of ownership of everything that has value vs being born into a world where there's no freshwater source, no land, no fishes that aren't claimed by somebody & they enforce ownership with violence

It seems obvious: if you want this type of structure to sustain, everyone must have at least the opportunity to own something. Forcing people to work 3 jobs and live in shared housing is just asking for violence, and, the general narrative pushed is "work hard and you can do anything" rather than "get extremely lucky and you might have a successful buisness after a few failed attempts ". This isn't a guaranteed path for everyone to obtain land and water rights. It's more of a lottory & people rightfully point out that the deck is stacked. I can't to take out a billion dollar loan from the federal reserve to implement my will onto other people.

All that said, i don't want to hand over everyone's possessions to the federal government, that would just concentrate all power and fuck everyone hard. I suppose all consistent philosophies converge on anarchy.


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What makes us human? Bipedal? Thumbs? Brains? I'd argue it's our ability to make funny sounds, create symbolic speech and teach eachother (fire, farming, and how a clit works)

The internet, then, has made us super-human.

I do not wish to lose our superpowers.

Take it easy.


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I've had teachers in grade school talkin' about this since like 2002: there's going to a be a lot of retirees collecting and a lot less kids paying in than ever. Boomers that paid ss their whole life don't feel like their payments should be reduced. Their kids don't feel like they should pay disproportionately more. It's going to be a massive conflict.

Had the fed not used up s.s. as if it were just another federal tax, it would've been fine, i guess


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