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Yeah, as an older guy I guess I took this stuff for granted but it really made life better for lots of reasons. We’re really in dark times when one of the most heavily traveled thoroughfares in the country can’t pay enough to keep staff. It’s crazy.


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Used to be you could jump on the Turnpike and get food all night at the rest areas. Now even that’s gone. Starbucks couldn’t even get enough staff to remain open at at least two locations during regular hours (I travel statewide all the time) and closed. The ones that are open sometimes often have only one employee and they close early.


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I originally saw it in NYC in the 80’s in an electronics store shop window (they were everywhere then) while on a college field trip and instantly fell in love with it. They do show up on EBAY regularly and there are YouTube vids of them in action.


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Considering it weighs almost 50 lbs. fully loaded with it’s 10 D batteries I haven’t done it for awhile (I’m almost 60) but from what I remember it only really does it if you bounce it off your shoulder when walking. It’s an absolute beast.


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Thanks! You’re welcome. I think many people aren’t aware that they actually made boomboxes back in the 80’s with linear turntables in them. It plays both sides without needing to take the album out.


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Anyone else noticing that the typical middle class eateries are all closing? I know it kinda began with Covid and then the understandable living wage backlash, but now with inflation it’s slowly becoming fast food or high end. Just wondering if anyone else is paying attention. No more nightclubs, no 24 hour diners, everything shut down by 9 or 10. It’s morphed into something unrecognizable for people in their 40’s and older and I just wondered if it even matters to younger people these days.


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Yeah, young people have no idea how the loss of 24 hour meeting places are also impacting socializations. I mean I guess the older women who waited on us in the 90’s at 3 a.m. weren’t thrilled but that’s how I cemented at least 3 different relationships at Denny’s, Eat and Park and Perkins. I wouldn’t know WTH to do now if I was single.