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I've been going to Range USA in Robinson. They do offer classes and also have rental guns, however shooters are unable to use rentals their first time their first time there.

They are a corporate chain and I haven't seen/heard any political stuff come from any of the staff any of the times Ive been there which I find pretty nice.


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What County are you located in?

Im in Allegheny and my unemployment approval was pending for literal months. I emailed my state rep's office after the, they called the next day, they had me on the phone with someone from unemployment the day after that, and I was payed 10 business days after that. I didnt receive my payment until after I found employment, but I still got it.

Other than emailing you state rep (again), my biggest tip is to keep putting in your certification because even though you are starting a new job on 1/30, you're still unemployed. Anything can happen between now and then, so keep putting in applications.


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Where is your thermostat located? That temp difference seems absolutely bonkers to me. If it is in a room where the warm are is being "trapped" in, it is possible that is why your house isn't heating correctly.

If you have extra towels, put them at the bottom of any door leading outside to cut down on any drafts. Make sure all yout windows are shut all the way from both the top and the bottom ( our windows suck and are drafty AF)

Open any cabinets underneath sinks, prop your bathroom door open, do anything you can to make sure warm air geta to the pipes.