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Some people enjoy cooking and don’t see it as work. It’s a labor of love. Knowing how to transform humble ingredients into something far more than the sum of their parts is rewarding. It takes time, but as others have pointed out, much of it is passive. Throw some bones, spices, and water in a pot. Let it boil while you unwind. The fragrant broth will make your house smell awesome while you hang out and wait for it to be ready.


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I’m convinced that people go to r/getmotivated just to try and make every single argument they can find against just chilling out and taking advice lightly. The best piece of advice you could take out of here is take a breath, chill out. Nothing is that serious. Be excellent to each other and back up enough from yourself to realize that nothing is really that important. You don’t need to write an academic thesis with bullet points about how you think an offhand comment from a strip mall yoga class teacher is damaging to the general population. Get a grip. Take yourself less seriously. Every yogi I have known has been someone who in real life struggles very much to practice what they preach. I understand that’s part of the process and I am not judging anyone for where they are in their own personal journey. But I can’t say I have ever met a yogi who I envied for their grasp on the way the world works.


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Right? It was a yoga class. It probably went as deep as “next class session, maybe try the advanced pose instead of the “if you’re not feeling comfortable” pose I suggest afterwards” because nobody else in the yoga class cares if you don’t do it perfectly, or if you have to give up halfway thru trying and do the normal pose. It’s not that deep.


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Your work is gorgeous as always but something about this one bothers me… the lighting from the trains headlight feels too smooth, doesn’t match the rest of the image. Still exceptionally well done though, makes me feel something.


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Speaking as someone who used to get “mad about being mad”… the only way out is just as you described — one step at a time. And you can do it. Habits are built but by bit, just a little better every day.


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My favorite, and one that’s always stuck with me, is when they’re handing back graded tests and Susie is like “I got an A!” And Calvin is like “I got a D!” And Susie asks him why he’s happy about it, Calvin says something to the effect of “I’ve found life is easier when I keep others expectations of me low”.


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It originated as a phrase that was used when flagging facebook photos, when you select a reason one of the options is “I’m in this photo and I don’t like it”. It turned into a meme for when people see something that represents them and they’re not proud of it — in this case they’re Calvin on the loveseat but they’d rather not be.