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If you get a good paying job in RI, then there is no need to live in MA. There are tons of Rhode Islanders who work in Boston (including my spouse) and wish they could work in RI but the pay is too low. Towns like Foster or Coventry may appeal to you and are a short commute from Providence. Tax wise it is simpler to fill out one state form than two...and you do end up paying more with two because the credit is not enough.


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What I communicated further below is that Boston does not have as strong an international network as other east coast airports. end up having a stop even when flying out of Boston in many instances. So I would rather have a one stop in Newark or Dulles out of PVD than a commute to Boston and a stop somewhere else.


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Well the particular fiasco you are referring to was Norwegian Airlines. Their business model was based on an all 737 max fleet. Then the 737max ban happened and they could not run the route profitably using the fuel thirsty 737-800 series. It wasn't a Rhode Island thing. Anyhow, why not root for Breeze because, if it succeeds, many non-stop routes not currently served will be.


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You can get almost anywhere in the world with one stop service (through a hub) from PVD. I would rather take a 10 minute Uber to PVD (an easily navigable airport with short lines) than a one hour drive to Logan (plus long lines and overcrowded). Edit: Anyways it was a suggestion for next time so not sure why downvoted.