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No one is forcing the city/county whoever to buy it. If a deal is brokered for them to buy it though, it’d serve the community better as a homeless shelter than as you suggest, a failing pizza place.

If a low barrier homeless shelter is not built wouldn’t there still be homeless people on smithfield street? It’s not like not building it will make them go away.


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I know that you’re someone who consistently has contrarian views and aren’t arguing in good faith, but access to any sort of stable housing is good. Lack of housing is the root cause of homelessness. Forcibly relocating people as policy is such an affront to personal liberty.


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Housing is the most basic need people need fulfilled. Stable housing increases the effectiveness of mental health and substance abuse treatment.

Homeless housing should not kick people out after a certain time period. It should be a safe, secure place for people to get back on their feet and receive the services they need.

Places like the 2nd ave commons and this proposal are certainly the right direction compared to the classic approaches that absolutely do not work of ignore, arrest, ship to California.


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They opened a new homeless shelter with 138 beds and it was filled within the first week. A few doors down from this pizza place is a church which also has 70 beds which I imagine are where these homeless people he's seeing are staying/congregating.

Increasing the supply of housing and services for homeless people is always a good thing.


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> Dominic Reale has seen firsthand the decline and deterioration of Smithfield Street. From the window of Villa Reale, his Downtown pizzeria, he has witnessed the street being overrun by homeless people.

> Reale, 51, of Green Tree, said he has preliminary discussions with Allegheny County redevelopment officials about converting the pizzeria into a shelter and resource center for the homeless. He said conversations with those officials, who could not immediately be reached for comment by Patch, have been positive. > Reale said he believes his building would have the capacity for about 100 beds on the second and third floors. He envisions the first floor, which currently houses the pizzeria, would be an intake facility.

> Homeless people "could come in and register, get a physical and medical evaluation. There would be job training and wellness programs offered. We'd have a clothing department so they don’t walk around with urine and feces all over themselves."

> Reale envisions that he and the county could partner on the project and perhaps get funding to convert the building to the shelter from health care operators such as UPMC, corporations such as PNC that are known for their charitable giving and local foundations.

> "I'd like to volunteer there as much as my time would permit," he said. "But this isn't about me at all.

> "I don't want to see Downtown die. I want to see it thrive."


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If you're going down town it's on the side with the railroad tracks kinda underneath the bloomfield bridge I think.

No good pictures on Google of the whole thing but I think this is what OP is referring to:


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Again I really appreciate your insight. I got a lead guy coming by later this week to give me his opinion and I’ll get my asbestos guy back to give me his. I just want to make sure the thing is as safe as can be structurally and from a lead/asbestos perspective. I’d hate for shit to start falling down onto the false ceiling.

It really pisses me off that A) some fucker did 90% of the job by smashing up the walls and converting them to drywall but left the last 10% for the next guy and B) they didn’t take the drywall ceiling wall to wall and then add the dumbass soffit.


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I think I could just patch the hole I made in the soffit and just forget about the second ceiling. I mainly want to get rid of the soffit but it’d be nice to reclaim the height and fix the insulation.

There’s no hvac, plumbing, exhaust in the false ceiling. The pictures I linked are between the false ceiling and the plaster ceiling. The false ceiling ends where the soffit begins if that makes sense. They didn’t drywall wall to wall, only up to where they started the soffit.


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I really appreciate you taking the time to comment something helpful. I did a take home test and it came out positive. Id rather just be safe and clean than find out in 20 years I inhaled a bunch of shit.

Is the plaster having asbestos a valid concern (house built in 1900)? I’m much more apprehensive about doing that myself if it is.