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Is Apple TV even that profitable? I never hear people talk about it and I doubt it's a driving force in people staying or moving over to apple. It just seems to be there. Obviously Itunes has its place but that's because its existed before streaming services were a thing but it never took off on other hardware companies. Spotify has taken the crown in that department. I'm sure it's a more popular app on the iPhone compared to iTunes.

Seeing all the financial info on streaming services it seems like Sony made the right move.

I don't like anyone is clamoring it rival Apple in the streaming department.


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It's actually quite humorous that you would bring empathy into this. I assure you, you are the one working with less of it. Just so you don't pat yourself on the back for giving out empathy to the "right people", I am not speaking on exclusively having empathy for the bad actors. I am speaking about having empathy for everyone. But this is a concept lost on people like you because I know you think only people on your side of the street deserve it.

Good day sir.


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So you've never read a book, watched a movie or listened to stand up/podcast and had a thought that improved your life? The idea that art has no merit outside of being mindless entertainment is pretty closed minded. I wouldn't be surprised if the average person is more affected by art than by science when it comes to their own personal development. Obviously science impacts their lives indirectly but I would be surprised if it affects their lives more directly than art.


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This comment is confusing because you included the word facebook. Before you had to connect your facebook account to your oculus device. Now you only need to make a Meta account which isn't connected to any accounts. You can also transfer your games over from your facebook account to your meta account.


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It's only a left vs right issue if that is the way you view it. I am pretty confident that most people have no idea that there is any left vs right augments when it comes to tik tok. Honestly, I had forgotten about the trump incident until you mentioned in your previous comment. I think you would be surprised by how removed the average person is from the online news cycle and political positionings that you see on news sites and social media. Of course the right is a more tribe based and tend to just believe whatever they are fed but I have never seen any pro tik tok right based protests or the left saying we should keep tik tok purely based on the rightwing distain for it. I could be wrong but I think you are over estimating how righteous people feel about tik tok based on their political affiliations.

I don't think I misunderstood your point, I was just arguing that on the larger scale, the issue isn't platform vs platform but nation vs nation. If tok-tok was run by Canada I would have way less of an issue with it. Usa and China are currently in a technological cold war. There is a reason Biden just put a ban on certain type of chips being sent to China. It is because we are in an information war. Tik tok is very powerful tool in the in regards to that. At least with Facebook the government has some sort of power over the company. With Tok-tok they can't do much besides ban it out right.


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As a lefty I think Tiktoks ties to China are super dangerous. I have avoided the platform for that reason. I agree Zuck has also made some shady deals and should have some level of restrictions on what he does with metas data. But to ignore Tiktok and the damage China can do with it just because the right doesn't like it is so petty and short sighted.

Also to say nobody cared until the trump incident is just ignorant. Tiktok has been a huge red flag since it blew up and people looked at the backend coding.

Also stop making this a left vs right issue. This is a nation vs nation issue and figuring out what influences should and shouldn't be allowed that have direct ties to other countries. Especially during a time where we are entering a technology cold war with China.

Hell, I could even argue this is exactly what China would want and how they can use tik tok to make it happen. Have people believe that Tik Tok is only an issue for the right and if you're on the left you should be all for Tik Tok. Which is pretty ridiculous if you really think about what you are arguing for.