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It looks like my escrow pays it every year in March. So I’ll check back then- Ty! There was a situation where we had an escrow shortage(?) since we refinanced during the pandemic to lock in a lower interest rate. Consequently- they weren’t taking out enough in taxes for the escrow- so we wound up having the mortgagee company pay partial. But we owed a good bit out of pocket. I forget who that was payable to.

After that, and my husband not changing his address with work. I just feel like we always get something wrong.


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They may- I know I get 3% for city taxes taken from my paycheck.

Then I usually pay my federal and state through turbo tax — and one other. The Jordan Tax one I’m fairly certain? Which is my local??? Which I have to do some long hand math with filling out the boxes on the paper.

I just received the Weinstein one and it looks like an invoice (sort of), and I wasn’t sure if I had to do anything with it.

Edit: I’m just really bad with this stuff and it never gets easier for me. I just want to pay my taxes.