triggerpuller666 t1_jci21kt wrote

Absolutely terrible ball control on Arizona. I called this out when they beat UCLA last week. Barely eked out a win in that game after giving up easy steals that were converted for points. Today was even worse. Didn't play like they needed to win.

As a guy who grew up in Tucson, this was par for the course.

First college team to ever lose twice as a 2 seed to 15 seeds. Congratulations guys, you earned it. At least you have Tucson to look forward to going back to 🤣🤣🤣


triggerpuller666 t1_ir8q2yn wrote

Rest in power sir. I remember watching the replays as a kid and being so inspired.

Inspired by his son not wanting to quit, inspired by him basically fighting through security to get to his son, inspired by them finishing the race together.

Rest well Mr. Redmond. The whole world saw what a good Dad you were.