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I live on about half of that ($1k/month) just outside Boston, although I do get food stamps and free health care. Fortunately our landlord hasn't raised the rent since we moved in almost 7 years ago, mostly because we take care of the building for him so he never has to come by. We do all the mowing, shoveling, trash, and anything else necessary. So each month I pay $533 for my own bedroom, $120 average for utilities, $50 for my phone, about $50 for transportation, about $100 for weed, around $30 for meals out of the house, maybe $25 for clothes/shoes, $25 for hygiene products, and have about $70 left over for everything else. It's not easy, but I make it work.


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Why do some criminals, like this guy, have to go through the appeals process from prison, while others, like Steve Bannon, get to have their sentences delayed until the process plays out? This guy does seem guilty for sure, yet the judge having to toss a number of convictions that he says were never proved is concerning since it suggests the jury was biased against him.


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With the way the state has run the MBTA in the ground, are we sure it's capable of enacting, funding, and operating health care? And who's going to decide what the limits are? Agreeing to publicly fund all the health care that everyone in the state wants could bankrupt the state. Moving to a public option as part of a long term plan to get to single payer seems more reasonable and prudent than trying to move straight to single payer now. I'm voting no on#5, but yes on the rest.