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Admittedly true. I was introduced to it by a Spanish friend, and I occasionally mix and match it with certain stuff.

This is the first time I’ve used it with an asian food though, and I honestly thought it went quite well, although fresh rice would’ve been nicer.


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Its one of the few physical books I considered carrying with me when I moved abroad and primarily started going e-books. I want to read the Bengali versions, but unfortunately I’m quite slow at reading Bengali. The translations unfortunately makes it lose a lot of character.


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If you must know, its there, just not in this picture. I’ve had a spate of incidents with gravy spilling over when trying to hold a plate and take a picture, so now I pour it over only when sitting down to eat 🤫


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Its not that red because I couldn’t find kashmiri chilli / powder nearby. I substituted it instead. Standard chilli powder or paprika doesn’t lead to a vibrant colour. The rest of the spices are as per the recipe I followed.