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This is a tragic situation. By law, your dog would likely be deemed "dangerous" by the courts with many parameters for keeping it away from people or other animals it could harm. Family member is in local animal control and you won't find a rescue or resource to work with the dog...killing another animal is a no go. Ask your vet what is the best case scenario for this animal if you cannot keep it controlled/confined to ensure the safety of humans or animals around it.


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I see Dr. Lydia Johnson who is the Chair of Dermatology for VCU Health. I've seen Dr. Mark Jones (OrthoVA) and he operated on a family member (foot/ankle), but it looks like he's just doing knees and hip now so you'd likely have to be referred by a general orthopedist.


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The "air puff" test is a non-contact tonometry test and is mostly used as a screening device for glaucoma. There are also contact versions such as a Tono-Pen (hand held device that sort of looks like a pen-it's good for swollen lids like post-surgery) and applanation tonometry with an instrument that swings down from the slit-lamp (you have to have yellow anesthetic drops first, chin in the chin rest/forehead against the band, and then a blue light will appear to come close-it's actually touching the surface of the cornea).

I worked in retinal ophthalmology clinics for twenty years and I had loads of new ophthalmic techs practice on me with all the versions and I'd prefer be applanated with the slit-lamp mounted type. Glaucoma diagnosis and treatment will be based on the slit-lamp kind of applanation tonometry.