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Technically not true. Though the data is stored by just rearranging the mass already present inside, as devices are used and data is added, changed, overwritten, and deleted, the device wears out and minute amounts of material erode off, or new atoms are attracted by electromagnetic fields and stick to it. If we could get an atomic weight of the device, it would change weight as we used it, and just by chance, different amounts of data would be present at different weights. The data itself is not adding mass. But any change in data will contribute to physical changes in the mass.


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“What gives you the right to hold people up to your made-up standards of practice” Like not saying hi in a voicemail? I didn’t say I wouldn’t work for someone who didn’t get annoyed. I said I wouldn’t work for someone who made it a big problem for me when they did. And the shopping cart thing is so ad-hoc and straw man that I won’t even give you a hard time about it.


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Haha. No one else on earth gets so easily upset at this. And I doubt I will ever find myself working for you. And if I worked for anyone like that, I would quit (which I have). In addition to your anger, work on your self-respect as well.


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Is this advice or a vent? And I’ll tell you this: anyone so impatient and prone to being pissed off that they get upset at saying hello to my voicemail is someone I’m happy to not do anymore business with. Work on your anger issues and watch your profits grow.