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We had back to back quarantine kids. Ramen shops are not the most toddler friendly experience. A couple weeks ago i was dying for ramen and then had the epiphany, “I could probably make my own, then I can have as much as I like.”

I did that and I’ve been pigging out on noodles for the last two weeks.

The main thing is not short cutting the broth. Pig bones and a lot of time (unless you have a large pressure cooker to speed it up). Since you’re somewhere rural you probably don’t have easy access to a well stocked Japanese market. Checkout the momofuku (David Chang) ramen. They have an excellent method that gets around some hard to source ingredients.


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These are my favorite items from supply stores. I have two dozen containers ranging from 1qt-12qts. They all stack and pack perfectly, all lids are interchangeable and they have measurements marked on the sides.

Uniform sizes and stackability keep my fridge tidy and I can fit a ton of stuff in it. Makes prepping for big parties much more organized.