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Saw some photos floating around on facebook. I know nothing about vehicles but the comments made it sound like poor maintenance on the truck. Something about looked like screwed fell out and caused an issue with the axle.

Edit - per someone claiming to be the tow truck driver but they don't specify if the damage is from the accident or the cause of the accident.

"Sheared all the bolts off both axles, no clue how it didn't blow any tires or rims, even hit the front wheel and bent the front leaf springs at the front shackle"


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On our final walk through for the home we were purchasing we found the entire basement flooded. Luckily we quickly figured out the issue was the drain in the driveway. It the low point of the front yard and during heavy rains would back up into the basement via the drains. Raised the driveway drain and haven't had an issue since. Honestly don't even know why they put a drain there in the first place.


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That's why you don't use the third party suppliers. I had to threaten to call the cops on one to get them to leave my property. Then they threatened to keep coming back until we switched and told me how my elderly neighbors already switched to them. They're nothing but predatory companies that bank on people (especially the elderly) not noticing the hike.


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Also would recommend St Albert's! Went today for lunch at noon. I got for take out. Only took 30 minutes from the time I left my house until the time I returned. Quick service. Pierogies are homemade and they also have fresh donuts!