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I commuted from Cumberland to Post Office square for a year before I cracked and took a job in Providence. It was a good two hours each way, door to door, which was a half-time job on top of my job.

Your life isn't worth this on the regular, unless the benefits are good enough that you just suck it up and tell yourself it's a week's worth of commute rolled into one day.

Honestly, do the lists of arguments for and against: this is a math problem. :7)


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My guess is because the DMV is only charged with managing vehicles for use on roads.

Tractors, for example, are only subject to their requirements when they are moving from field to field -- and even then they kind of get a pass, running with their flashers on.

Again, that's my understanding from growing up in an ag state.


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Street-legal bikes are both less cool and more expensive (because they have things like blinkers, etc.).

These kids buy dirt bikes knowing full well it isn't legal to ride them on city streets.

As far as I know it's not legal in parks, either, or most publicly-owned woods, but they don't seem to care about that, either. Pretty much these are for privately-owned land.


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I would have figured faster than 25-20 -- but when you're headed right for the wide of an SVU, you can't argue with the math.

A friend of mine laid down his bike in Boston like 20 years ago when someone turned in front of him next to the trolley tracks. He was wearing leathers and was fine, but our friend riding behind him was really ripped up -- and she was lucky he was already going so slow and knew what to do. There's often no good outcome when a bike meets a car.


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> "It appeared the driver of the motorcycle attempted to brake; there was over 50 feet of skid marks."

Just how fast are you going -- when the vehicle plus two passengers weighs under 500 pounds -- that you skid for fifty feet?

Out here in the 'burbs I see quads and dirtbikes on state roads and residential streets, and it makes me so mad because they are all, always, driven stupidly.


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Reply to comment by Buffaloafe in Re: Racism in Federal Hill. by frog20-1

> Why would anyone fly a flag without knowing it’s meaning?

Well, if you're not American, you might think, "It's red and white and blue -- just the the 'regular' flag. Must be OK!"

(Not defending, just guessing at Grampy's frame of mind.)


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> gas still pays for more of the maintenance as a method of discouraging further use of ICE cars.

Well, as long as something works to reduce gas use, I am in.

I wish that we had better public transit, but a lot of America is just too spread out for that. I have spent time living in the UK and Europe, and it's so awesome to be able to walk places or hop on a regional train...but that's not practical in northern NH or Minnesota's Iron Range!


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> heavier on average due to battery weight

I find it hard to believe that the small population of electric cars, compared to the enormous population of (enormous) pickup trucks & SUVs -- which are the most commonly sold cars these days, by a large margin -- are disproportionally affecting the roads.

And especially not in NH.