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Reply to Facts! by jeffcren

Well interesting to learn that China supplies some Mexican cartels. I love going down rabbit holes. Is China pulling an Opium Wars 2 but against the US now?


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This was funny but no one is helping him. No, do not stay in Short Pump. If you like walking to breweries and restaurants Scott’s Addition is a good place. I suggest Tazza’s kitchen for dinner and then Starhill Rooftop or the Veil after for some beer. Museum District is quaint but you’ll probably have to Uber to places. The Fan is about the same. You could stay Downtown, there is plenty to do and see there. Richmond does have a lot of historical places to visit and there are a couple of museums right near each other (VMFA, Science Museum, etc.)


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Were you ever a teenager or friends with ones? Deterrents work great! But we can’t act like they’ll solve all the issues. My friend’s dad had an extremely expensive gun cabinet. My friend knew exactly where the key was because he watched where his dad would go after a hunting trip. He would look at what part of their bedroom he would be in then searched it one day while they weren’t home.


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Securing guns is such a complex topic. Yea you can buy a gun safe but there are so many lockpicking YouTube videos that these kids can still get into them. You can easily just google what safe you have and the type of lock it has. Then search that YouTube video. Unless they’re locks made by the very top companies they do not have good picking protection at all. There are many locks that just require raking with a certain tool. Kid can just order the exact equipment he needs online without his parents noticing. Though I’m sure just locking your guns up will stop MOST kids