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Thank you for ignoring the fact that I put Philly Cheesesteak in quotation marks because I fully accepted it wasn't one, it's inspired by but made with ingredients I have and give a more traditionally English flavour. I'm out of Onions, and don't like peppers hence that they were not included.


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It's a Date ketchup flavoured with tamarind and other spices. It's extremely vinegary and a little spicy from the tamarind and pepper that dominates the rest of the flavour. Pretty much the flavour nuke of british fast food as very few flavours can overpower it. Also quite useful for tempering the fire from English Mustard so that you can enjoy the flavour more.


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On a vague memory of what a Philly Cheesesteak is, I decided to make this sandwich based on it. I used 20% fat Beef Mince, melted some mature cheddar on it, arranged it along the bagguette with brown sauce and english mustard added liberally on top. As I felt that the Cheddar wasn't visible enough I also lightly grated some on top. Is it authentic? hell no. Did it taste good? Yep.