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That’s the one place I have yet to go to—I tried Luther burger and their shake was like cold milk and the cheese on the burger was not even cooked at all. From what I can tell philly burger is the only other place around where you can get a vegan burger and shake in one spot, so I def plan on trying it out soon. What kind of burgers do they use? House made or beyond burgers or something similar? And how are the shakes? I’m not a fan of house made burgers anymore because IMO beyond and Impossible just taste so much more authentic. I had Fatburgers out by where I used to live so it was great to see a place I was familiar with that I already knew had the kind of vegan options I was looking for. Especially since there really aren’t too many fully vegan places out here


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Fatburger is a fast food chain actually—they’ve been around since the 40s and started out in CA. Their prices are pretty similar to a lot of other burger chains today, but for me it’s a big deal because they are a non-vegan place offering great vegan options (can’t speak for how the non-vegan options taste)


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😂😂 yea it sucks that it can be so hit or miss depending on management at the location. I had a pretty horrendous one near my old place which was a bummer because it was close enough to walk to. Like…I didn’t even wanna go inside it was so gross. But luckily there were other ones that were a lot nicer not too far from me. I honestly never ate there until they came out with their vegan menu…I remember how awesome it was when they announced that. Now if only they could get a del taco out here I’d be set


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Nope the burger is vegan. It’s an impossible burger (you can buy them at grocery stores, like beyond burgers). They have a vegan cheese you can put on the burger and they also have vegan milkshakes with a vegan whipped cream on top. So yea, if you’re looking for something dairy free you can definitely try those


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I never ate at burgerIM but I do know that johnny rockets and fatburger have the same owner, which is why their menus are exactly the same. There was a johnny rockets and fatburger directly across from each other where I used to live and they both had the exact same designed signs in their windows advertising the new vegan items lol


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So meals for 3 people plus an order of wings—I think $50’for that is pretty normal esp for vegan food today. Not saying I’m a fan of paying that much but I gotta say that I’ve paid that same type of price in other places. But the plus side of this place is that their shakes are actually thick shakes made with ice cream. Lots of vegan shakes I’ve had here are just made with milk and ice or are just super thin. It’s awesome and rare to get legit vegan burgers and shakes in one spot. Hopefully vegan prices will continue to even out over time cause we need more vegan options in general out here